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Al shifa college of nursing- Child health nursing lab is well lightened and furnished area.Lab is equipped with the pediatric manikin and an adequate number of articles to demonstrate the procedures to the students related to child health care.It helps to develop competency and skill in carrying out and assisting various pediatric procedures.It has got;

  • 2 pediatric coats
  • 1 cradle
  • 1 Baby CPR training manikin
  • 1 three year child manikin for ostomy care, artificial feeding, urinary-catheterization,ivcannulation and blood
    transfusion,bone marrow aspirations.
  • 1 new born dummy
  • 1 infant dummy
  • Toys and play Materials for various age group, And equipped with all necessary articles needed for practice.Students are practiced well in the pediatric lab before they enter into the clinical area