Feedback about the college: Infrastructure & facilities

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Feedback about the college: Infrastructure & facilities
Rate the adequacy of Infrastructure & facilities as they were during your tenure as student at al shifa college of nursing.
1. Laboratories ABCD
2. Library ABCD
3. Computer facility ABCD
4. Sports & cultural activitiesp ABCD
5. Classroom ABCD
Feedback about Curriculum/ academics
1. Relevance of the curriculum to future needs ABCD
2. Value added education ABCD
3. Desired knowledge and competency ABCD
4. Services related to Training & placement ABCD
Feedback about Faculty & teaching-learning
1. Teaching learning activities by faculty ABCD
2. External lectures ABCD
3. Added exposure by faculty ABCD
4. Rate development activities organized by the college for your
overall developments

Comment on the following:-

Need any change in curriculum & syllabus:
Most Liked/ Best Practice at Al shifa college of nursing:
Summarize your education experience at Al shifa college of nursing in 3-4 sentences:

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