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Health club aims that all the students in the college for taking care of everything that goes into prescribing ways and activities for the students to possess good overall health, that is they have to attain complete coordination of mental, physical, emotional and social well being through various health promoting activities.


  • Encourage and promote the adoption of professional standards, ethical practice and conduct in the provision of health and fitness services.
  • To help make its members healthier.
  • Provide a discussion regarding health issues.
  • Conducting health check-ups.
  • Organise school health programme.
  • Organise health awareness programmes on various aspects.
  • Participate in immunisation programmes.
  • Organise self care activities and exercise for body fitness.
  • Conduct health days observation.
  • Organise health education programmes on various topics with proper AV Aids.
  • Conduct health exhibition.
  • Organise medical camp in a selected community on various aspects.


  • All the students are required to complete a physical assessment.
  • Incorporating provisions of healthcare and wellness initiatives in the objectives of the institution.
  • All the students should be encouraged to devote minimum half an hour per day on fitness activities such as exercises, meditation, walking etc.
  • Proper utilization of existing infrastructure.
  • Addressing the emotional concerns of students to promote mental health.
  • Providing guidance regarding balanced nutritional diet, distribution of pamphlets, and information material on the subject.
  • Frequent organization of sports activities and encourage students to participate in such activities.
  • Annual health check-ups and monthly monitoring of health status of health status can be conducted to monitor the health of students.
  • Maintaining health records from time to time.
  • Conduct health days observation activities.
  • Awareness drives in which students are sensitized towards cleanliness.
  • Imparting information about various diseases prevailing in a particular duration of year and various preventive steps.