The Red Ribbon Club (RRC) is intended to create wide awareness among the academic community and general public regarding AIDS and HIV infection. Activities of the club are controlled by Kerala State Aids Control Society.

Red Ribbon was created in 1991 by the Visual AIDS Artists Caucus, New York City, America. The color of Red was then chosen as it symbolizes the color of Blood, the idea of Passion by Love. The Red Ribbon is the international symbol of HIV/AIDS awareness. Wearing a Red Ribbon proclaims the Care & Concern for those living with HIV/AIDS and Support to the organizations that care for the HIV/AIDS.

Red Ribbon Club of Al Shifa College of Nursing, has started functioning on 2012 January under the guidelines of Kerala State AIDS Control Society with an aim of creating awareness among the students on AIDS and promoting them for blood donations.

The Objectives

  • To reduce new HIV infection among youth by raising their risk perception through awareness on Sex, Sexuality and HIV & AIDS.
  • To persuasive the students to help and support People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) there by reducing stigma and discrimination against PLHIVs.
  • To motivate pupil and build their capacity as peer educators and change agents by developing their skills on leadership, negotiation, and team building.
  • To promote Voluntary non-remunerated Blood Donation among youth.

Organization & Administration Of Rrc Unit:

  • RRC Unit – Unit should have strength minimum of 50 volunteers at Institution campus.
  • RRC Program Officer should create the environment of RRC in the institutions and encourage all interested students to participate.
  • RRC Program Officer will be in charge for one unit and he/she should be from teaching faculty.
  • Program Officer is responsible for planning and implementing the RRC activities under the supervision and direction of the Principal of the college of Nursing.
  • Program Officer will carry out the instructions issued by the RRC Coordinator and Kerala State AIDS Control Society.

RRC Advisory Committee

Sl No Designation Position Held
1 Principal/ Vice principal Chairperson
2 Faculty Member Program officer
3 Student representative (2) Co-conveners
4 Student representative Secretary
5 Student representative Treasurer
6 Student representative (7) Members

Records and Registers:

  • Activity Register – This register will be maintained with the help of students by the PO. A list of projects undertaken during the year with complete information of each activity.
  • Minutes Book – PO should record the minutes of the meeting of the Advisory Committee and other meetings held periodically.
  • File with copies of reports and other documents.

Functions of Program Officer:

The Program Officer will perform: –

  • He/she will plan the RRC activities as per guidelines issued by the KSACS and RRC Program Coordinator.
  • The Program Officer will ensure that RRC volunteers’ participation in related events.
  • The orientation and instructions to RRC volunteers should be conducted in a befitting manner.
  • He/she will involve all RRC volunteers for participation in various programs such as World Blood Donor Day, International Youth Day, National Voluntary Blood Donation Day, World AIDS Day, National Youth Day, International Women’s Day and any other function organized by KSACS.
  • He/she will submit the reports to the KSACS Program Coordinator periodically.
  • He/she will ensure the submission of accounts in time. The accounts may be audited from a chartered accountant/ institution auditor.
  • He/she will liaise with the officials of the department for RRC activities.

Guidelines for Documentation

Red Ribbon Club should maintain a register with the following documents

  • A list of RRC members with name, address, blood group, department etc.
  • Minutes of the Advisory committee meeting
  • Documentation of events and activities with date, venue, No. of participants, Resource Persons, Photographs and Newspaper Clippings etc.
  • RRC should maintain separate file for accounts (maintenance of bills, vouchers and statement of expenditures).


Sl No. Name Designation Position held
1 Prof. Josephine Jaqueline Mary N I Principal Chairperson
2 Mrs. Sinitha K. B Assistant Professor Program officer
3 Ms. Fidha Jebin Student representative Co-convener
4 Mr. Abid Student representative Secretary
5 Ms. Fathima safa, Mr. Rahul Student representative Treasurer
6 Ms. Aiswarya.T, Ms. Shamma Student representative Members