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Rules & Regulations


The admission shall be subjected to the norms and regulations of the Govt. of Kerala and other Governing and affiliating bodies.


The classes and clinical hours of the students are from 08.00 AM to 05.00 PM. There will be a daily morning assembly of all students before the class beginning in the college portico. All students should attend the assembly without fail. The student should attend night duty and extra classes as scheduled from time to time, according to curriculum requirement. The students should not wander in the college premises and Mobile Phone should not be used in the campus and in clinical areas.


Students are expected to assemble in the classroom 5 minutes before the beginning of the classes. A student coming in to the classroom after taking the attendance may be refused admission or deprived of attendance. A student who disturb the class in any matter or does not keep discipline may be expelled from the classroom, if this punishment were deemed insufficient; a report shall be made to higher authorities.

Student should give utmost importance to class work, practical, homework and sessional examinations.

No Student will be admitted to the classroom unless he / she is well equipped with the required instruments and necessities as and when instructed by the concerned faculty members.


Students should be punctual in their attendance at the stated hour for lecturers, practical classes, clinical works, field visits and other assigned duties.

Every student must put in at least 80%of the attendance in each subject to enable him/her to obtain certificate of attendance for appearing for University/ Board exams.

No certificate of attendance will be granted to any student unless he/she has shown satisfactory progress to the authorities responsible for granting the certificate. Every student must have 100% of attendance in practical before the course completion.


No student shall be absent from the class/clinics without prior permission.

Every application for leave should state clearly the ground for the application and the number of days and date on which the leave is required.

In case of absence on account of illness, medical leave will be granted on production of medical certificate.

Leave from class period can be granted by the concerned teacher. Unauthorized absence in the class or clinic will count for loss of attendance for double time. i.e, if the student is absent for one day without permission he/she will lose attendance for two days.

Unauthorized absence for more than 15 consecutive working days will be reported to higher authorities.

Students are permitted to participate in co-curricular activities, professional meetings/ conferences at the zonal, state and national level and such absence will be considered as on duty.


Candidates who have undergone the prescribed course of study for a period of not less than 10 months of the academic year only can appear for the examination. No candidate shall be admitted to any part of examination unless he/she has secured a minimum of 80% or above attendance for classes as well as practical in each subject.

If any candidate is not having the internal assessment mark of 50% he or she shall not be allowed to appear for the university examination in any subject of that particular year of study. Calculation of internal marks shall be based on Periodic written examination, assignments, seminars, projects, weightage for attendance, Continuous clinical evaluation, nursing care study, clinical presentation, planned health teaching, Practical examination and completion of log book requirements.


The students should strictly adhere to the Uniform code as decided by the college authorities for the classes and clinic. Students must wear identity card inside the college campus and during clinical posting. The students should groom professionally and behaved in the College.


Students are not allowed to address directly to the higher authorities. Direct communications intended for any higher authorities must be submitted through the class co-ordinator who will forward them to the higher authorities if she / he consider it desirable. Authorized guardians / family members list with photograph must be submitted at the time of admission for any correspondence.


Students are not allowed to take any active part in a political agitation in the college premises. Students are prohibited from organizing any meeting or entertainment at the college or collecting money for this purpose, within the college premises without the permission of the head of the institution.

Ragging in any form inside or outside the campus is considered as a criminal offence and anyone found indulging in ragging will be summarily expelled from the institution as per “ THE KERALA PROHIBITION OF RAGGING ORDINANCE 1997”

Every student shall wish the teachers within the college premises.

Students are required to observe order at all time in this college and keep silence while moving from one place to another. No game of any sort is to be played during the hours allotted for lecturers or classes.


Students are eligible for Onam, Xmas, Easter, Ramzan holidays as scheduled by the head of the institution.


Without proper permission of the Principal, organising tours or picnics are strictly prohibited. When students are going on tour officially accepted by the authority, a male or female staff member shall accompany them. Students have to produce a letter of consent from their parents before enrolling their names for tour programmes.

Students are expected to maintain highest standard in their academic, professional and private line.

If any student found violated any of the rules and regulations of the college or found disturbing the peace in campus as well as off campus would be punished by the Principal, reserving the right to suspend and / or dismiss the student without any explanation.

The students are expected to abide the rules and regulations framed by the College.