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Department of Community Health Nursing

Department of Community Health Nursing is involved in training of BSc Nursing ,Post Basic BSc Nursing and MSc Nursing students in the area of Community Health. Students are getting clinical exposure from our well-equipped Community Health Nursing Lab, Community Field posting, clinical posting in Public Health Centres such as Community Health Centre, Primary Health Centre, Sub centre and Urban Health Centre.

An important part of practical training occurs through home Visit, which is the back bone of community health Nursing. Every students in our department is sent for field visit in which they visit the homes of sick and needy. Students visit the homes of clients and provide need based care which include health assessment, checking vital signs, dressing, urine analysis, hot or cold application, screening for blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, health education, care of bed ridden patients, chlorination of domestic well etc with the help of community Health Nursing bag.

Every year students are sent for education tour to renowned public health institutes such as Gandhigram institute of rural health and family welfare, Dindigul, Tamilnadu and Rural unit for Health and Social affairs (RUSHA), Vellore. Observation visit is made every year to various institutes such as old age home, Tuberculosis centre, factory , water purification and sewage treatment plants, milk pasteurizing plant, meat processing units, AIDS control society, institute for physically and mentally handicapped etc

Various programs organized under the banner of Community health Nursing are school health program, medical camp, well baby clinic, antenatal clinic, non communicable disease clinic, health survey, epidemiological survey, community nutritional programmes, health exhibition etc.

Our institute is affiliated to various health centres such as Community Health Centre Mankada, Primary health centre Valambur and Urban Health Centre Eravimangalam for the community health Nursing experience. Our department is committed to provide quality public health training by conducting various awareness programs and observance of significant days.

The strength of our department is experienced and expert teaching faculty who provide quality teaching to our students. Every teacher in our department ensures that the topic taken by them is well understood by every student.


1 Mr. Jansan Mathew HOD
2 Mr. Jiss George Associate Professor
3 Mrs. Ancy .P. A Assistant professor
4 Mrs. Faseela . K Nursing tutor
5 Mrs. Anitha P.S Nursing tutor