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In day to day life anyone can suffer from mental or emotional health problems which can arise due to various factors which are emerged because of life style, modernization and ends with poor mental health. It is important to recognize the challenges of individuals with mental illness for leading a normal life, inclusion in the job and maintaining interpersonal relationships. Mental health nurses are at the forefront of facilitating change, providing support and dealing with people of all ages with mental illness from a wide range of backgrounds. They need to have developed a sense of self and be able to meet the challenges in caring the patients with mental illness. The department of mental health nursing provides an excellent standard of teaching with continuous support throughout the course, both in the theory and in clinical practice. Students are taught by experienced teachers who has worked in a wide variety of clinical specialties and education roles, Various Innovative teaching and learning methods were brought into practice for the students such as web based learning


1 Mr V N Nandakumar Msc (N) Hod Cum Professor
2 Ms Nadha T F Msc(N) Associate Professor
3 Ms Sugandhi Priya Msc(N) Lecturer
3 Ms Aiswarya A Msc(N) Nursing Tutor
4 Ms Amrita P Bsc(N) Nursing Tutor