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‘ I feel very privileged to greet you all, for the established growth of the Al Shifa College of Nursing.

For all of us, at Al Shifa College of Nursing, especially for those of us , who have been with the college since its inception, it is the remembered moment.

To each of those who have been with us, to each of you who are with us and to each of those yet to join this fabulous professional learning institution, I say thanks and extend my warmest felicitations and greetings.

The Al Shifa College of Nursing has grown from strength to strength and has captured its prime place among the Nursing Colleges in Kerala. The institution has done extremely well in all spheres of activities, while maintaining the quality of education being imparted to the students. The effort put in by one and all to bring the college to the forefront of both academic and extracurricular activities is truly commendable. The students gained recognition in National and International levels. I am proud to note the achievements of our institution which has produced 100% success and rank holders in University examinations. The drive to learn is as strong as any other drive. It begins earlier and lasts longer. Learning is at once deeply personal and inherently social, it connects us not just to knowledge in the abstract but to each other. Throughout our lives, as we move from setting to setting, we encounter novelty and challenges small and large. If we are ready for them, living and learning become inseparable.

The period spent by students in an educational institution is a golden opportunity for them to shape their future on the right lines and also to develop their individual talents in a cordial atmosphere. The interaction they have with their college mates and their teachers will enrich their life’s experiences.

“May God be with each of you now and forever”.

P. Unneen
Managing Trustee
Shifa MedicareTtrust