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Accommodation is provided to the Female Students on sharing basis. The hostel amenities and educational facilities are helping the students for leading a balanced life of study and leisure. The students are provided with Cupboard, Cot, Chair and Table. Other requirements have to be brought by the students. Students shall specify their food choices as Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian. Hostel is well ventilated, adequate rooms are available with safe drinking water supply. News papers and Magazines are available. Smart Mobile phones and Laptops are strictly prohibited in hostel. Hostel cleanliness is monitored by the Warden, to ensure safe and secure environment. A sick room is available in the hostel to take care of the sick students and those who needs special attention.

Students shall keep the Hostel Warden informed of their illness to render timely help in case of any emergency. Also transportation facilities provided to the students to take them to hospital. Study hours for the students are maintained and strictly followed. Students indulging in immoral activities will be punished.