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Be a distinctive institution to prepare global nurses by commitment to provide positive, safe and stimulating learning environment which promotes pertinent cognitive, competent skills and advancement towards engage in nursing services to a state that enriches our state, nation and health profession along with achievement of high standards of academic and administrative capacities.


To create competent nurses by providing high quality value-based nursing education services in a safe, respectful, academic rich and conducive environment which fosters every nursing student’s intellectual, social, physical and moral development that builds a foundation for life-long learning and their professional development.

  • Our college is committed to serving students academically through promotion of lifelong learning among faculty of nursing and also to connect with challenging students personally.
  • Our college stimulates students to achieve their academic goals by creating a positive learning environment by way of highly efficient teachers, latest and modern learning resources, well equipped classrooms,virtuous clinical setting and embrace student centric teaching methods.
  • Our college strives for professional competency among student nurses by inculcates combined abilities of skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values in nursing.

Core values:

Caring……Compassionate………… Skillful……

Quality Policy

The Al Shifa College of Nursing strives to provide the best nursing education that continues with quality improvement, current technology, cost effectiveness and improved student performance in learning and rendering comprehensive, compassionate holistic care. This is achieved by,

  • Structured coaching/practicing system
  • Exceptional infrastructure and modern facilities.
  • Committed and qualified faculty.
  • Continual appraisal in student’s performance.