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Nursing Foundations Lab

FON lab is the basic foundation lab in the art of nursing. It will guide students to improve knowledge to assess patient care effectively and efficiently. Our lab is spatial, well furnished and ventilated. The lab is well equipped with modern articles, instruments, lockers, cupboards, various simulators, interactive patent models, manikins for CPR and other procedures are available for the student to get better practical experience. Basic history taking, physical assessment and fundamental nursing skill will be practiced in the lab setting and competency for these skills will be determined before practicing these in the clinical setting. We will provide adequate time for each student to practice in the lab. All the practice sections will be monitored by all committed faculty. This will improve their practical skill and confidence so that the student can provide patient care in an effective way.procedures are proposed to guarantee that the nursing foundation lab is maintained as an efficient learning area for students training and assessment of nursing foundation problems. Lab consists of 10 cots with bed and pillow, 4 full body multipurpose manikin and 1 CPR manikin,1 fire extinguisher, 1 wheel chair, 1 washing area, 2 suction apparatus, and all articles (plastic, steel, rubber, and cloth items) for basic nursing procedures.The key objective of FON lab is to understand the modern approach to nursing foundation, identification, prevention, and nursing management of common nursing foundation problems with special emphasis on therapeutic interventions for individuals, families, and communities.

Lab Objectives

  • Reinforce learning through practicing Nursing foundation procedures.
  • Prepare the nursing students before the introduction to hospital training
  • Offer independent student learning opportunities.

Lab Conduct/behavior

  • All Students should participate in a lab orientation conducted by nursing foundation Lab.
  • Students should review procedures and scenarios prior to the lab session.
  • Follow lab hours strictly as mentioned in the timetable.
  • No cell phones are allowed in the lab.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the lab.
  • No equipment or supplies can be taken out of the lab without permission.
  • Any equipment or furniture used should be returned clean, in proper form and in proper place ready for the next use.
  • Replace the equipment and chairs when leaving the area.
  • Report damage or malfunction of the lab equipment.
  • No students are to be in the lab without the Lab faculty.
  • Maintain cleanliness of the area where they are practicing.
  • Display professional conduct.
  • Do not use betadine, iodine, lubrication or any other solution or ink on or near any manikin
  • No needles or sharps to leave the lab at any time under any circumstances.

Rules And Regulations

  • Maintain the cleanliness
  • Issue the items in the presence of concerned lab in charge.
  • Replace the articles after the procedure. Replace the articles on the very next day after the practical examination.
  • If the articles are taken for posting replace the articles to the lab faculty within 2 months and get it back if needed.
  • Replace the damaged/missed items by students within the week.
  • Violating of any of these rules shall be charged a fine of Rs 50/- per day

Lab Incharges

1 Mrs. Prajusha Unni. K MSc Nursing- Medical Surgical Nursing Lecturer
2 Mrs. Faseela. K BSc Nursing Nursing Tutor
3 Mrs. Anitha. P. S BSc Nursing Nursing Tutor