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Sl No Features Rating
1 The academic standard of the College ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
2 The Teaching-Learning Environment ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
3 System of Monitoring Student's Progress ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
4 The Teacher-Student relationship ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
5 Counseling, mentorship provided to students ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
6 The co-curricular activities in the College ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
7 Discipline maintained in the college ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
8 Examination system adopted by the college ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
9 Overall infrastructural facilities of the College namely library, hostel, classroom, labs etc. ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
10 Learning Resources such as Library, Internet, Computer etc. ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
11 Clarifications/ responses from the school authorities whenever demanded ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
12 Programme given at present. / Efforts taken by department for overall grooming and personality development ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
13 Health facilities for the students ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
14 Institutional Sensitivity to changing educational, social & market demands (Courses, Personality Development Programmes, Career Oriented Programmes etc.) ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
15 Response to Community Needs, Extension Programmes ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
16 The role of the college in equipping your daughter/son to become self reliant ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
17 Competence & Commitment of Faculty ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
18 Discipline Practices ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
19 Response & Communication with the College ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
20 Involvements of parents in students academics ExcellentGoodAveragePoor
Overall Rating ExcellentGoodAveragePoor